This plugin enables you to earn money from visitors on your site by using their computing power to mine the cryptocurrency monero.


Main features:

  • Connect miners on your website to real mining pools.
  • Alternatively also supporting providers coinhive and crypto-loot
  • Miner Widget enabling users on your site to start/stop mining and control mining speed.
  • Background Mining with configurable CPU usage for mobile and desktop clients
  • Login/Registration Form PoW (“Proof of Work”) Captchas
  • PoW (“Proof of Work”) Verification for External links
  • Protected Content Shortcode for displaying content only when users have mined a specified amount.
  • Product Shortcode for content that can be bought by mining on your website.
  • All controls/widgets can be customized visually to fit your page through Templates
  • Multisite support.
  • Prevention of AdBlock / Antivirus.
WP Monero Miner 4.1.5 Basic & Pro

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Go to "Plugins > Add new" and click "Upload Plugin".
Getting Started

Just install the plugin and add the widget “Monero Miner using Coin Hive” to your sidebar. This puts a control panel on your site where each visitor can decide to donate his computing power to you.

To see your earnings you need an account at https://coin-hive.com/. There you also find your public site key (public) which you have to put into the settings page of this plugin.

Go to WP Monero Miner using Coin Hive Plugin Page