Where can I get a site key / secret key?

Register at https://coinhive.com. Then get your coin hive public site key (public) and secret key from https://coinhive.com/settings/sites.

Where can I see whether miner is running?

Activate ‘log’ at Settings > WP Monero Miner using Coin Hive. Then open your page and the Chrome Console (F12 > Console). You should see the log output there:

Miner 1.2.0
Miner throttle is 0.5.
Miner autostart is enabled.
Miner cookie is set to ‘Mining allowed’.
Miner started.
Miner running with 50 Hashes/s
Miner running with 53 Hashes/s
Miner running with 47 Hashes/s

Remember to disable the ‘log’ setting again for best performance.

Note: If you have multiple tabs with your page open, the miner will only mine in one tab.

What are tokens?

If users are logged in on your page and mining they will receive a virtual currency called tokens. A token is a little bit less than a hash. You can use this tokens to give incentive to the user to mine for you.

For example in ‘pro’ version you can use the following shortcode to create a protected area that only users with more than a specified amount of tokens can see:

Where can I see my earnings when pool mining?

See your stats at http://www.wp-monero-miner.com/pool.